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Deciding whether to transform your cherished inherited jewellery into a new creation you can wear every day is often an emotional decision, one which is sometimes filled with elements of guilt. Lucy, one of our recent clients, has shared her special story and the emotions she experienced when she decided to transform her mum’s jewellery into a diamond right hand ring.


Mum’s special jewellery had been sat in the safe for years. I simply didn’t feel ready to think about doing anything with them. It wasn’t until one day that I noticed one of my close friends had a new diamond necklace. When I enquired about it she began to tell me that she recently had it made for her by a local Jeweller. But it wasn’t your average necklace. It was created using the special jewellery her Granny left her. I didn’t even know this was possible.

My friend continued to tell me that her Granny’s jewellery was beautiful and meant so much to her but was too old fashioned to wear every day. I could relate to this as Mum’s jewellery meant more to me than anything else in the world but it was quite old fashioned.

My friend’s beautiful pendant was created using her Granny’s diamonds and precious metal. My first reaction was that I didn’t want to change anything about Mum’s jewellery as it might change the special memories these pieces represented.

Mum’s Jewellery Deserved More Than Being Left in the Safe

The thought of potentially transforming mum’s jewellery played on my mind over the coming months. It wasn’t until I spoke to my husband about it that I thought I would rather wear my mum’s jewellery every day and feel a sense of closeness to her, rather than leaving her jewellery in a dark safe. Mum’s jewellery deserved more than this. She loved wearing diamonds, she had a real soft spot for them. I wanted to celebrate mum by wearing and enjoying her jewellery.  

Using Each and Every One of Mum’s Precious Diamonds

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to transform mum’s jewellery into. But I did know that I wanted to make sure all of Mum’s diamonds were used. In order to achieve this and to complement my existing jewellery, Chris suggested creating a special right hand ring which used each and every one of Mum’s precious diamonds. I couldn’t be happier with my new ring. I wear it every day and I look down at it and just think of Mum. She would have loved this ring.


Transforming your cherished jewellery is an emotional and very exciting journey.

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