Five Ways To Enhance or Transform Your Engagement Ring

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Change – we have a love/hate relationship with it. But it is inevitable. Getting engaged is a monumental time in our lives. It is something most women dream of. But a lot has happened since this special moment in our lives.

The person we were in our 20s isn’t necessarily who we are today. Life has been a journey of highs, lows, love, loss, failure, and success. We have evolved…so have our tastes, style and outlook on life. That’s why it is not uncommon to feel that our jewellery no longer reflects who we are today.

Transforming your engagement ring into a piece of jewellery that reflects you today and not the you of the past is a personal and unique decision. You and your partner may wish to transform your engagement ring to celebrate and reflect your life, love, and achievements you have shared together.

Here are five special ways of enhancing or transforming your engagement ring to reflect and celebrate you.

1. Gently Adding Sparkle to the Band


Setting some beautiful diamonds in the band could give your engagement ring the sparkle factor. This is a gentle way of giving your engagement ring the WOW factor without changing the essence of the design.

2. Adding a Halo of Brilliance  



For a more modern transformation of your engagement ring, you could add a halo of diamond brilliance, providing some fire and dazzle to perhaps an old-fashioned engagement ring.

3. Going Bigger

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A small transformation of your engagement ring simply might not cut it. You may feel it is time to go for a bigger and brighter diamond to reflect what you have achieved in life. Why not? This is your time to shine.

4. Meaningful Secret Diamonds

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This is an enhancement that is so special and unique that only you and your loved ones will know about it. To celebrate the birth of their son Prince Harry recently set three special secret diamonds inside the Duchess of Sussex’s eternity ring - each representing their birthstones. This is a truly special and meaningful way of reflecting you, your life and your family.

5. Changing the Precious Metal

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engagement ring princess cut.jpg

Jewellery trends, like your personal tastes and style, have changed over time.  Maybe you would prefer your engagement ring to be transformed in platinum rather than yellow gold? It’s your choice, it’s your reflection of you.

Whether you decide to go bigger and brighter or you prefer a more gentle transformation or enhancement, your engagement will be the perfect celebration of your brilliance.

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Explore the possibilities of transforming your engagement into a creation that reflects you, your life and everything you have achieved.