Meghan Markle's Engagement Ring

... And How It Has Helped Boost A Trend for Bespoke

So, the wedding of the year is just a few weeks away. 

I didn't get an invite.

But, then neither did Trump or May.

Harry and Meghan will no doubt have a day filled with wonderful moments. The flowers will be sensational. The dress will be headline news. Perhaps some part of the chief bridesmaid's anatomy will also become a worldwide phenomenon, much like Pippa's pert derriere a few years ago. 

I will probably catch a bit of it on the news. I am not overly interested if I'm honest.

The bit I am interested in, though, is the fact that Harry chose to use some of his mother's diamonds in Meghan's three-stone engagement ring. The media made a big thing of it. I get it. It is a lovely thing to do.

But it is in no way unique to the Royals.

My clients have been incorporating old gemstones and family heirlooms into newly designed pieces of jewellery for many years. There is something very special about having a piece of jewellery redesigned or being able to use some diamonds of precious gemstones in a new design. Not only does it save you money, but it ensures the new piece has a history.

The Professional Jeweller magazine recently reported a growing trend in bespoke jewellery. More people are wanting something unique, especially when it comes to wedding and engagement rings. More people are asking jewellers to incorporate family jewellery and gemstones into new designs. More people are simply not prepared to accept off-the-shelf, mass-produced jewellery when quality, bespoke jewellery is so accessible.

Music to my ears.

This trend had already started before Prince Harry used Princess Diana's diamonds in Meghan's engagement ring. But, retail jewellers are now expecting the trend to continue to rise.

So, thank you, Harry, for being a advocate of quality, bespoke jewellery. It can only be a good thing for people wanting to buy jewellery. Choice and quality and an option to go completely bespoke should be available to everyone. In saying that, many of the retail stores that profess to offer a fully bespoke service, may only offer a selection of tweaks on a design. So I would advise some caution.

To get a fully bespoke service, find a good quality, independent jeweller. That would be my advice..... Or speak to me, of course!

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