Celebrating Love, Life and Success - Rachel’s Engagement Ring Transformation

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Rachel and Michael have been married for 30 years. After building a successful business together, her old engagement ring no longer reflected who she was as a person and where she was in her life.

To celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, Rachel and Michael decided to enhance her existing engagement ring with a bigger and brighter diamond to represent all they had achieved together; their love, life and success.


When Michael proposed to Rachel over 30 years ago, he had just graduated university, so couldn’t afford a big diamond. They were very much in love and knew they wanted to spend their lives together. In richer and in poorer, Rachel didn’t care that Michael couldn’t afford a big diamond engagement ring.

Over the years, Rachel has become a mum to three boys and has helped Michael build a successful business. It has been hard work but thoroughly worth it.


The boys have their own lives now and have flown the nest, leaving more time for Rachel and Michael to focus on themselves.

Over the past few years, Rachel had started to think about what her engagement ring would look like with a bigger diamond. It was no reflection on her love for Michael or their happy marriage. It was more personal than this. She just felt her old engagement ring no longer reflected who she was today. As a mum, a wife and an entrepreneur, she felt she had evolved as a person. She was more sure of herself and felt she had achieved more in life than she thought she would. Rachel wanted her engagement ring to reflect and celebrate this.

Rachel and Michael felt fortunate to be in a more comfortable financial position at this stage of their lives. So, they felt their 30th wedding anniversary was the perfect milestone to celebrate their life, love and success together by enhancing Rachel’s existing engagement ring with a bigger and brighter diamond.


After sitting with Chris Stoner for hours looking at loose diamonds, Rachel and Michael felt they had become diamond experts!

It was no easy feat hand-selecting the perfect diamond for Rachel. The key was to eek out every single penny of their budget and translate that into brilliance and sparkle. Rachel still loved the essence of her classic and elegant engagement ring design but wanted a bigger, brighter diamond to enhance it and reflect the Rachel of today and not the Rachel she was 30 years ago. And why not? She deserved it.

Rachel loves her transformed engagement ring.

If, you, like Rachel, feel your jewellery no longer reflects you and where you are in your life, explore the possibilities of transforming your existing jewellery into new creations, which celebrate you and your brilliance.