Jewellery Valuations

What You Need to Know When Buying Abroad

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Buying Abroad Has it’s Advantages…

The sun is shining, the cocktails are flowing and sometimes, if you’re careful and you know what you’re doing, you can buy well. I have heard plenty of horror stories over the years and been asked to assess items that have been brought abroad, only to have to impart the news that things are not as they should be….

But, those stories are for another time.

Here, right now, lets’s assume you’ve bought abroad and you’ve bought well. You’ve made some significant cost savings compared to buying here in the UK. All is good.

The problem, however, should you need to make a claim, is that to replace the item here in the UK, using a local, trusted jeweller, may cost more than what you originally paid for it. And, some insurers have a history of not liking these claims as you are seen to be “profiting” from the claim.

To minimise the risk of having a claim denied, or receiving less than your item is worth and thereby leaving you unable to replace your item you MUST ensure you get a professional, UK valuation done as soon as you are home from your hols.

Your valuation is not a detailed receipt. Instead, it should be a detailed schedule, showing weights, measurements, qualities, colours, dimensions and ultimately the cost of replacing your item, like for like, here in the UK at the time the valuation was completed. So, it will take into account local UK market prices for precious metals, gemstones and diamonds.

If you are relying on receipts as proof of ownership for your jewellery and watch insurance, then don’t. Get a valuation booked in with a trusted, local jeweller. It could save you thousands of pounds of lost claim award in the event of a loss, theft or damage.

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