There are a lot of things to consider when deciding upon your perfect diamond. You may well know the exact specifications you want, or you may simply know that you want a round diamond. Either way, my job is to help you narrow down your preferences, find out what you are prepared to compromise on and what is not up for negotiation and then search the world for your perfect diamond.

Most people have heard of the four C's: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. They are important. However, there are other aspects of a diamond that are equally as important and can have a huge impact on the sparkle, fire and scintillation of your diamond.

No one will know what clarity your diamond is when you’re wearing it (unless they ask), but they will see how much it sparkles and sparkle, brilliance and a diamond’s beauty are made up of more than the four C’s.

How well your diamond has been cut is vitally important, especially when balanced with the other aspects of a diamond. A diamond’s proportions and symmetry have a significant impact on its sparkle factor - the more symmetrical, the better the light will dance around inside the diamond. And, the better a diamond is polished, the brighter the sparkle.

All these things must be taken into account when selecting your diamond.

Selecting a diamond by the 4 C’s will not guarantee you a beautiful stone.

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Diamond certificates are also a consideration and for a number of reasons I only consider diamonds that have been assessed and graded by the GIA.



Why I Only Select GIA Certified Diamonds…