There are a lot of things to consider when deciding upon your perfect diamond. You may well know the exact specifications you want, or you may simply know that you want a round diamond. Either way, my job is to help you narrow down your preferences, find out what you are prepared to compromise on and what is not up for negotiation and then search the world for your perfect diamond.

The four C's are important, and you have probably heard of them before and you can read more about them on my Diamond Hub (the links are below). However, there are other things that are equally as important, and indeed can have a huge impact on the sparkle, fire and scintillation of your diamond.

These are things most people would not know to look for when assessing a diamond and they include the diamond's proportions and how well it has been cut. Diamond certificates are also a consideration and for a number of reasons I only consider diamonds that have been assessed and graded by the GIA.