Exclusive christmas designs - 2018

The following are my thoughts on what beautiful jewellery looks like. I am giving a select number of clients the opportunity to commission me to create a dream piece. Each piece will be totally unique.

Most of the designs can be modified and tailored to individual taste and budget.

Trust me when I say, a unique piece of jewellery is the most memorable gift a girl can receive.

Please contact me direct: chris@christopherstoner.com

Tel: 01423 523596


Design 1 - five rose gold rings

Stylish, elegant and beautifully simple triple circular rose gold and diamond pendant. With each section being created from a solid piece of rose gold, the weight and feel of this piece will be very special. The centre circular section is set with bright white brilliant diamonds. Measurements: 22x25x3mm max. Guide: £3,900

rose gold pendant.jpg


Design 2 - shape shifter

I love these multi-diamond bands as the design allows you to choose your favourite shapes of diamonds. The rings can even be stacked and worn all together. Superbly eye catching and wonderfully tactile. Available in rose, yellow, white gold and platinum. From £5,250

Multi Diamond rings.jpg
Multi Diamond rings 1.jpg
Multi Diamond rings 4.jpg

Design 3 - pink bubbles

My take on the classic ‘Raindance’ or ‘Bubble Ring’, although my version is far more special. Elevated to a superior level due to the stunning pink sapphires in rose gold settings. When combined with diamonds in platinum the overall look is quite gorgeous. There simply isn’t a girl alive who wouldn’t love this. Guide: £7,900

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Bubble Ring.jpg
Pink Sapphire and Diamond Bubble Ring 3.jpg

Design 4 - solitaire

Great design is often very simple. The diamond solitaire pendants I create are beautifully elegant. One of the main reasons my diamond pendants are a cut above the rest?


The diamonds I hand-pick dazzle anybody who sees them, in a good way! From £2,000 - £29,000

Diamond Solitaire Pendants.jpg


Design 5 - look into my eyes

I was in Harrods earlier in the year and spotted a pendant by Cartier. I loved the design, so I created my own take on it. The point of difference is the concave way the circular rows of diamonds graduate down toward the centre. The play on light with this is quite something. Featuring a gorgeous 1ct Brilliant Cut in the centre, this is a pendant no girl could ever get tired of wearing. Guide: £17,500

Concave Pendant.jpg


Design 6 - gold, always believe in your soul

I have had an itching to create this ring design for years. I wanted to combine a very pure 22ct yellow gold. This is very unusual these days and it has an unbelievably luxurious and weighty feel. The gold is capped either side with diamond set platinum bands. Guide: £4,950

Gold and Platinum Band Ring.jpg

Design 7 - does your girl love bubbles?

The thing is, I am huge fan of this style of ring. The design ticks all the boxes. Spectacular. Comfortable. Impressive. Great Value. Sparkly. This version however is a bit tasty. The largest diamond weighs 1.50ct and the diamonds will be personally selected for their sheer brilliance. Is she worth it? Guide: £29,500


Design 8 - brown is the new white

I’ve got a bit of thing for Cognac diamonds. I say ‘Cognac’ because it sounds sexier than ‘brown’. Don’t be fooled though, these are spectacular gems when you (or more to the point ‘me’) find the very best. I’ve designed this double halo ring all in rose gold to compliment the colour of the diamond. I’ve made the tops of the claws look like hearts, mainly because I’m soft, and so are you. Nice touch eh? Guide: £12,000

Cognac diamond.jpg

Design 9 - past, present and future

When we had our third child, I made Sarah a Trilogy ring. She loves it. I like to think she liked me a bit more. I have no evidence of this. I do know both Sarah, and every girl who has ever been given a trilogy diamond ring, love them. This version is the best. It’s all about the diamonds. Larger diamond in the centre flanked by two smaller sparklers. Platinum. Of course. Guide: £9,300


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Design 10 - anyone for tennis?

A staple of any girls’ jewellery ‘wardrobe’ is the diamond tennis bracelet. I create my version of the line bracelet with diamonds from 3ct all the way up to 25ct total. Quality is everything, get the diamonds right and she will never take this off. From £7,000 - however much you want to spend!



design 11 - two hearts

After an engagement and wedding ring, a pair of diamond earrings is the piece of jewellery she will get the most wear out of. Perfect when she is dressed up, or dressed down! Be brave, let me create a pair of beautifully matched heart shaped diamond earrings in platinum. From £2,500

Christopher Stoner earrings.jpg

Design 12 - I can feel your halo

My thinking behind these earrings was taking the diamond stud and prettying them up. Adding a halo of diamonds gives a little more sparkle. Never a bad thing. The way I’ve designed these ensures they look amazing from all angles. The perfect ‘everyday’ size are £4,650. If she likes more dressy, wow and occasional, then budget for £7,500+


Design 12 - pink to make the girls wink

I make no bones about it, I love natural fancy coloured diamonds. These things are like hens teeth. Stupidly rare. Highly sought after. Eye watering prices. I’ve created these dress pieces pave-set with white and fancy coloured diamonds. The effect is quite incredible. These are special rings. Very, very special. P.O.A

Krieger-02 - Copy.jpg

design 13 - ruby ruby ruby

Rubies are back in fashion, make no mistake. This is an ‘ode’ to my jewellery hero - Mr Graff. Blood red Burmese rubies combined with colourless diamonds with a whopping brilliant cut diamond in the centre. I’m not too sure jewellery gets anymore impressive. This will make the right statement on any occasion. Guide: £16,000

Ruby Pendant deign.jpg

design 14 - just the two of us

Years ago I made a pear shaped yellow diamond cross-over style ring similar to this. it was one of the most beautiful rings I have ever made. I have wanted to replicate it for years, and given how every piece I create has to be unique, I felt using Royal blue sapphire would be fabulous choice of gem. This is a quite incredible ring design and one which will garner a huge amount of appreciation by the wearer. £13,900


design 15 - mellow yellow

This ring design is based on a ring I created a few years ago for a client. Her ring has 5 white princess cut diamonds although I have always had a thing for fancy yellow diamonds. This version combines two different intensity of yellow, combined with white diamonds around the edge and at the ends. This ring will suit the girl who appreciates things a little different. Guide: £9,000

yellow diamond ring.jpg

design 16 - feeling blue?

I stumbled across a diamond company in Israel who create blue diamonds. I was blown away with the colour of these gems. Blue diamonds are gently heated to bring out the boron element. The result is an extremely exciting and unique colour. This pendant creation uses an elegant pear-shape blue diamond with a halo of white diamonds. I love this. Whoever commissions this will be amazed by its beauty. Guide: £8,900

Blue diamond pendant.jpg


design 17 - pretty little thing

Royal blue sapphire and white diamond pendant with a super pretty top diamond section. The combination of blue and white just works. The pendant design I have created here will be the centre piece to WOW anybody who catches its sparkle. Intricate detail in the design, combine with truly spectacular gemstones make this one of my favourites. Guide £9,900

Sapphire Pendant.jpg


design 18 - elegance

Like our kids, I know I shouldn’t have a favourite. I do though. And this for me might just be the most beautiful pendant ever. Simplicity itself. No fuss. Just three incredible gems. A magnificent fancy yellow pear shaped diamond. An exceptionally rare brilliant cut natural fancy pink, and a D-colour heart shaped white diamond. Outstanding. Special beyond special. Guide £38,500


this item is no longer available


design 19 - Deep blue something

World-class aquamarine is all about the intensity of the blue. You need to know the exact parts of the world in which to look. Luckily I do. This is my idea for a perfect aquamarine and diamond ring. Totally stylish and a beautiful, timeless design. Please somebody ask me to make this. Guide £6,700

blue ring.jpg


design 20 - pretty ears

A selection of unique diamond earring designs. Each pair will be made to order and available in either platinum or white gold. I will maximise your budget by hand-picking and setting the finest quality diamonds and gemstones. From £2,000.



design 21 - stack’em high

A selection of unique stacking rings. My idea behind these is that they are thin enough to wear several on a chosen finger. You can combine totally different designs and precious metals and yet for some unknown they will look great together. I have created dozens of stacking ring designs to choose from, below is a small selection. Start with one and add to for subsequent occasions, of choose three or four and present them in one fell swoop. From £750



design 22 - drop the bombe

Variations of the Bombe ring have been around for thousands of years. I’ve enjoyed creating many Bombe rings during my career. This version is the one I would make for Sarah. It combines a dazzling oval fancy yellow diamond in the centre, flanked by a matching pair of pear shaped diamonds. The Bombe ring style perfectly suits combining two different precious metals, in this design I have used platinum and yellow gold. Who would love this to be created just for them? Guide £13,600

bombe 2.jpg

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