Why The GIA?

The GIA are widely known to be the most accurate and most trusted of all the Diamond Grading Companies.

We took the decision to only source our clients diamonds that have been assessed and graded by the GIA, giving our clients complete confidence that the diamond they are buying is exactly as stated on their report.





what you need to know

A diamond report, more commonly called a 'Certificate' is a document that describes the characteristics and quality grades of a diamond. There are hundreds of organisations producing diamond reports and the subject is a contentious one. 

The reason for it being contentious? Most diamond reports are not accurate.

It is widely known amongst jewellers that most diamond reports exaggerate the quality grades of a diamond. This results in the consumer believing that the diamond they are buying is a better quality diamond than it really is. I might not be popular in stating the truth - but here it is:

Most people in the diamond and jewellery industry know this to be true....

...And, most will not explain this to you.

  • The GIA are the most respected of all the organisations producing diamond reports.

  • You will find the most valuable diamonds sold over the last 20 years will have been assessed by the GIA.

  • The leading diamond houses of the world routinely use the GIA for grading reports.