How Much to Spend On An Engagement Ring

how much to spend on an engagement ring

Someone, somewhere once mentioned that as a guide, a guy should spend around one month’s salary on an engagement ring and this has been flouted around as the ball park figure ever since then.

It is of course, a load of nonsense. Many men will spend less, many will spend more. The advice for how much to spend comes from a client we know very well who was happy to share his views:

“I am sharing a piece of advice my father gave to me a few years ago when I was starting to look at engagement rings for my then girlfriend. He told me that I should spend enough so that it hurts – that if I didn’t stretch myself or ensure the purchase was considered and well-planned that disaster lay ahead. I didn’t listen at the time and bought what I thought was a nice ring, but it was one I could comfortably afford. The engagement didn’t last – not because of the ring, but because she wasn’t the right girl and I should have known at the time, but I didn’t. If she had been the right girl, I would have wanted to spend more, I would have wanted to get the ring perfect for her and I know I would have pushed myself financially so that it hurt a little.

I know these things now, because I did meet that girl and I bought a ring for her last year.

So, my father’s advice - which I did heed the second time around - is spend enough so that it hurts a little. It is an investment in your relationship and spending enough so that it pinches slightly means you really believe it is right. That your relationship will last the test of time.

Respect the purchase and respect the girl.”

We think this is great advice, from a man who has been there and done it. 

How much you spend on this important purchase is completely down to you. If you search online you will find articles advising you spend around 3 months' salary whereas others will tell you to simply budget and spend what you can afford. It is all very confusing!

The truth is, that it is completely up to you. Along with the spend, there are a lot of other things to consider when buying an engagement ring, from the reputation and credibility of the jeweller to the style of the ring and whether she'll like it - and of course, whether she'll say yes!

To help all those chaps out there who are about to start on this journey, we have put together a guide to help; sharing important and funny anecdotes from guys who have been through it, made mistakes and lived to tell the tale. We have pulled their thoughts and best top tips together to try and help you from making the same, sometimes expensive mistakes.

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