How to Clean Your Engagement Ring - And What Not To Do

Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

It's all about the sparkle!

There are few things more mesmerizing than watching your engagement ring sparkle and dance in the light, so it's only natural to want to maintain that bling by giving your ring its regular clean.  

The only thing worse than a ring that's lost its lustre, is a ring that's damaged due to improper care. Before you get too wrapped up in wacky cleaning ideas and old wives' tales, we have some professional advice on how to and what to avoid at all costs.  

How To Clean Your Ring...

To clean your ring successfully, firstly, you need to find out what has caused it to lose its sparkle. For example, if you're very active outdoors or in the kitchen and there's a hard-compacted layer of oil or dirt, it is best to get it cleaned professionally, where a good jeweller will know the correct cleaning methods for each individual precious metal and precious gemstone.

However, if your ring has lost its sparkle by common cosmetics, for example, hairspray, hand-lotion, moisturisers, soaps, makeup, or perfume — a simple at-home cleaning should be sufficient. 

The best way to clean your ring is to make a solution with warm water (almost hot) and a spot of washing up liquid or star drops. Soak your ring for about 20 to 40 minutes, then gently using an old softened toothbrush, brush the gems and then rinse under warm running water. If needed, rinse and repeat. Dry with a jewel cloth or soft duster. 

Some items of jewellery and gem-set pieces containing softer gemstones like pearls, opal, emeralds, coral etc. are not suitable to be cleaned using the above methods. 

What Not To Do to your engagement ring...

Avoid any household cleaners such as bleach, chlorine, and acetone. These harsh chemicals can break down some of the metals in your ring. Also, never use any kind of abrasive products such as toothpaste, baking soda, or any powdered cleaners, which can damage precious metal. 

Oh, and avoid at-home ultrasonic jewellery cleaning machines and dishwashers (yes, it has been known), especially if your ring features fine settings and gemstones. The reason is that prongs can be weakened or if there is the slightest gap between gemstone and setting, the vibrations from an ultrasonic machine can dislodge a gemstone very easily....and losing a gemstone or diamond is the last thing you want to happen.

If you have any concerns over the quality of your settings or you want advice on wear and tear then get in touch and we'll happily examine your ring or other jewellery items for you.