Every piece of jewellery has a story behind it

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Restoring, remodelling or redesigning outdated or Fragile jewellery, helps You to keep those stories alive.


Your jewellery redesign or Transformation options

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inherited jewellery

Inherited Jewellery

Many pieces of inherited jewellery sadly sit in the back of dusty drawers and jewellery boxes. Items that are much beloved but maybe not your style. So they languish - sometimes for years - until you either pass them on to the next generation, or decide to breathe new life into them. Our view is to have these pieces lovingly remodelled into a piece of jewellery you love to wear.

Inherited jewellery is precious and we understand sometimes it needs a new lease of life. A simple alteration, or re-design, will retain the sentimental value, while creating a new piece that suits your style. We understand what you feel when entrusting your valuable family jewellery to somebody else. Which is why we take care, and handle your possessions with the same thoughtfulness and attention that you do.

And with 25 years experience, and hundreds of delighted clients, you are in the safest hands possible.

Jewellery Redesign by Christopher Stoner


New Beginnings Jewellery

Life doesn’t always go to plan. Marriages fail. Engagements end. Relationships fall apart. Often, there is still sentimental attachment to a piece of jewellery that represented a relationship. Going through the exciting and often emotional process of redesign or transformation can represent a new start in life. Indeed, it can prove to be a very uplifting and empowering journey.

So, whether it’s an unwanted engagement ring or simply a piece of jewellery that represents your old life, why not consider having it redesigned into a fabulous new piece of jewellery to represent your future?

Unloved jewellery

Unloved Jewellery

Unloved Jewellery

You’ve changed.

What you loved twenty years ago is very different from what you love today. Clothes, hairstyles, choice of alcoholic beverage - tastes change over time. It’s perfectly normal.

So, it’s perfectly understandable why you might have fallen out of love with a piece of jewellery you’ve had for a long time. Whether it’s a simple tweak - for example, changing the precious metal, adapting the settings, adding in diamonds or other gemstone - or whether it’s a full redesign, your jewellery needs to suit who you are today.

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Fragile or damaged jewellery

Fragile or damaged jewellery

Old or inherited jewellery can sometimes be too delicate or fragile to be worn. It’s only to be expected really, jewellery that is worn and loved does eventually succumb to general wear and tear. The weakest areas tend to be diamond or gemstone settings and fastenings, such as pendant or bracelet fastenings.

However, jewellery should be worn and loved. It was not designed to sit in a drawer or on a velvet pouch in a pretty box. A simple tweak to the settings or a sympathetic and careful repair or restoration can transform old and unworn jewellery into fabulous pieces that can then be worn and loved once more.

It is sometimes incredible to discover what can be achieved with a few small changes.



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My name is Christopher Stoner and I have been designing bespoke pieces of jewellery for over 25 years. My work frequently involves redesigning existing jewellery and carefully tweaking, or totally re-making it, so it can be worn, loved and treasured for future generations.

With thousands of delighted clients, I know my technique of combining the latest in design technology, with my design experience, guarantees fabulous world-class jewellery.

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What My Clients Say:

“Chris is the epitome of what a jeweller should be…..high quality, bespoke…highly recommended.” - A Shokrallahi

“Outstanding. Not just the jewellery which is individual and beautiful but customer service is exceptional. Chris clearly cares about the pieces he creates.” - J Jeffs

“I was inspired by Chris’s redesign work. I took the jewellery to Chris and he came up with a number of designs for me to choose from. All of the designs turned the stones into desirable, wearable pieces - ones I would cherish and enjoy wearing. Ultimately I chose to have the stones set in platinum with a halo of diamonds around the ring and the earrings - I LOVE THEM!” - E Willis


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