7 tips to guarantee Your Wedding Ring Looks amazing with your engagement ring


  1. The Band Profile - key to a beautiful engagement and wedding ring look is marrying the ring profiles. I always begin a wedding ring design by replicating the profile of the engagement ring. A matching profile is a great way to guarantee a fantastic combination.



2. The Band Depth - a wedding ring band looks far better when it is the same depth, particularly at the side of your finger. Too shallow, or too deep, and the clean straight line will be ruined leading to a less impressive look.

Depth 1.jpg

3. The Band Width - even if the profile and depth of the wedding band is perfect, choose a ring that is too wide and it will detract from your engagement ring. A matching width, or just slighter wider, makes for a perfect combination.


4. Gemstones - Additional gemstones in a wedding ring can complete a spectacular look. It can also ruin both both rings. Using the same cut of diamonds as in your engagement ring frequently looks superb. Remember though, your engagement ring should be the main focus.


5. A Shaped Band - due to their shape certain engagement rings require a wedding ring to be shaped around it. It is vital this work is completed by a competent jeweller to ensure a perfectly fit. It is always worth trying wedding rings when buying an engagement ring to make sure you like the look.


6. Precious Metal - One thing to consider is that different precious metals have different properties. A gold ring worn next to a platinum ring may not only look a little out of place, over time it will be worn down by the hardness of the platinum. If in doubt, keep the precious metal in both rings the same.


7. Design - The most beautiful wedding rings perfectly compliment an engagement ring. The wedding ring should copy aspects of your engagement ring design, including Profile, Depth, Width, Gemstones, Shape and Precious Metal. Pairing two totally different designs can look odd. Combining elements of your engagement ring design will complete a beautiful pair of rings.

design 4.jpg