The 'New Beginnings' Ring

emerald cut diamond and pink sapphire ring

We all know that life sometimes doesn't go to plan and our client came in with an unwanted engagement ring to ask advice about selling it.

"What else can I do with it, other than sell it?" she declared.

That's not a question to put to Victoria if you're in a rush!

The original engagement ring was beautiful. It featured a central emerald-cut diamond and two smaller asscher-cut diamonds set in platinum.

Our client loved her ring, but knew she would and could never wear it again. After discussing ideas with Victoria, (including the passing mention of the fact that she loved the colour pink) she left us with her ring to come up with some initial designs.

Victoria set to work and created some stunning designs to present her with a few days later. One was setting the central emerald cut diamond in a brand new platinum 4-claw setting and band, flanked either side by two bright pink trilliant-cut sapphires. 

The two remaining small asscher-cut diamonds were then set as 4-claw 18ct white gold earrings.

asscher-cut diamond studs.jpg