Pete’s Story

Pete is a client. I asked him for a testimonial. He Must have been delighted to share his engagement ring journey as he sent me his version of wrote war and peace…

I don’t know when it was. There was no ‘magic moment’ no epiphany, no point in time that I can reference. I just ‘knew’. It grew on me, like a gradual rise in temperature. 

As I grew more and more comfortable with the thought of it, I started to feel slightly smug! I had my own secret, she had no idea. I'd look at her in ‘nothing moments’, sat on the couch watching the weather on TV and have to fight the smile to not give anything away because I knew what I was about to do.

Only I had no idea what to do!

I’d heard of Chris and had met him at a few business functions over the past couple of years.

I made the call.

We met a few days later. Chris asked lots of questions. Ones that I’d not even thought about. Look and feel, shape, general design thoughts, size, quality, clarity, budget. All discussed at length. I had some rudimentary ideas about what I thought I wanted but didn’t know what was achievable. He then produced a case full of rings. “Brass and Glass” he said. A nice range. Worryingly though, nothing really stood out. Some I thought were quite nice, some I really hated, not my cup of tea. I'd never really had opinions on diamond rings before, but I knew that I needed to have some now. 

I picked out some details from the sample designs in the case. The design details I liked were all on different rings though and my non-creative mind was struggling to piece them together. He knew. It was fine. No problem!

I got an email. It was from Chris. He’d set me up a web page, my own password and link to take me to it. Very clandestine. And there it was. The CAD design. All the elements we’d spoken about. All the little details that I'd liked and commented on. I couldn’t quite believe it. It was amazing. The image that was in my mind that I couldn’t quite even see myself was now right there in front of me. Nice job Christopher, I thought!

Shopping for a diamond is a curious thing....

There are so many elements to consider. A real balancing act of weighing everything up to get the best result possible. I was happy to have a guide. We spoke about priorities, things to be mindful of considering the cut I’d selected (symmetry was of upmost importance in this case) and the potential pitfalls. I left our meeting feeling confident, hopeful and excited for what he’d find for me. I waited. 

It wasn’t too long before two final options that had been expertly selected were presented. All the numbers for each piece of solid carbon. I actually knew what they meant. It was also made easy by the prices being slightly different. I knew my expert, my corner man, so I knew the higher the cost, however slight, the better the carbon. I went for the more expensive one. I couldn’t have lived with myself had I gone the other way. He agreed.


When Chris presented the ring to me a few weeks later, well, it was unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was perfect. Sparkling away. The final result. All I could think was how happy she’d be. She couldn’t not love it.

Christmas morning arrived. It was all very exciting. I’d sneaked a ‘stocking filler’ under the tree and she’d not even noticed it until the day before. I’d shrugged it off, cool as a cucumber, “just a little something else to open tomorrow” I told her. She believed me.

My moment came. She removed the poorly wrapped outer layer (I've never been good at wrapping) - I gently took the box from her.

“It’s not a Christmas present.”

“Well what is it then?” She replied.

I assumed the position.

From one knee I told her how much I loved her, how special she is to me and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

“Will you do me the honour of being my wife?” I asked.

I still hadn’t shown her the contents of the box. I'd have never known if she was just saying yes to the ring and not me! She burst into tears and said “YES”. I opened the box. Her world stopped. Time froze. Right then in that moment everything stood still. It was a privilege to witness. The earth re-started its revolution with a gasped. “OH MY GOD”. I knew I needed my answer before I showed her. She was shaking. I took her hand in mine and placed her new shining star on her finger, the symbol of what she means to me, the most perfect ring she’s ever seen (she tells me all the time). We kissed and hugged each other. I was so happy. So was she.

We’re getting married in 2019. She tells me regularly how much she loves her ring and I love how much she loves it. Best Christmas present ever.

Thanks Chris.

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