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A man called James met a girl called Rachel. James liked Rachel. She was smart, funny and more than a bit sexy. James wanted to be with Rachel. Always. Rachel rocked James's world. James fell deeply in love with Rachel. James thought hard about what he should do. He decided to make the most important decision of his life. James decided he would ask Rachel to marry him.


Rachel is special, unique and beautiful. James wants to present Rachel with an engagement ring as special as she is. After some internet research James hits the shops. James quickly becomes very disillusioned. All the rings look the same; poor quality and expensive. He finds the sales people pushy and they all say contradictory things about diamonds and precious metals. He feels confused. 

James decides to head home and look at on-line stores. Within 20 minutes James's head is about to explode. He has information overload and can't bring himself to click and buy something so important. 

James opens a beer. He is amazed jewellery stores and internet businesses make buying an engagement ring so difficult and stressful. Eventually James calls his mate Steve. Steve got engaged last year. Maybe Steve can help.


Steve tells James to call Chris. Steve explains how Chris was recommended to him. Chris designs and creates unique engagement rings. Each ring Chris creates is extra special. Steve presented a ring Chris had created for him to Julia. Julia couldn't believe Steve had had a ring made just for her. She cried when Steve told her about the secret pink diamond set under the main diamond. Steve and Julia had a daughter. The pink diamond signified their little girl. Steve became Julia's hero. 

James calls Chris and arranges to meet. He is very excited. James wants Rachel to think he is her hero. Chris and James talk for hours. Chris wants to know everything about Rachel. James shows him pictures of Rachel. They discuss everything about getting engaged that is important to James, and what he feels in important in the ring he will present to Rachel. James tells Chris how much he would like to invest in the ring for Rachel. 

By the end of their meeting James understands about diamonds and rings. Chris explains everything clearly. James feels a load being lifted. James is now extremely excited. 


Chris reassures James that he knows exactly what to do to make him Rachel's hero. A few days after they meet James receives an email from Chris. In the email is a link to a web page created just for James. James clicks the link. 

James is stunned. On the page James sees three engagement ring designs. There are images from several angles showing amazing detail. Each ring is described so James understands why Chris has designed them. Each design contains the important elements they discussed in their meeting. Chris highlights that because each ring he creates is unique, he always works to his client's budget. 

James asks Chris for a couple of days to think over the designs. He'd like to get Rachel's mums opinion about the designs. James is a smart guy. Chris tells him to take his time. 


James calls Chris. Both he and Rachel's mum love the second design. They think Rachel will love the simplicity. The deciding factor was the Princess Cut Diamond. Rachel had always dreamed about being a Princess.   

Chris clearly explains the next steps to James. With Chris's help they would together choose the very diamond that would be set into Rachel's ring. The ring would be made individually and Chris would oversee every aspect to ensure it was perfect. The ring would take 4-6 weeks to create and James would be kept informed throughout the process. Chris gives James complete peace of mind and reassures him Rachel will love the ring. He backs this up with a 'Love It Guarantee'. 

James starts to imagine how Rachel will feel when he presents the ring to her. James feels emotional. He has no idea how is going to act normal for the next few weeks. 


Seven weeks after their first meeting James arrives at Chris's office. Chris opens the plush jewellery box. The first thing that strikes James is the sparkle from the diamond. He has never seen a diamond so brilliant. James can't believe this is the ring he will present to Rachel. 

James thanks Chris. Chris thanks James and wishes him well. They have become friends. 

A week later James and Rachel are in the Lake District. They stop for a picnic at a beautiful place overlooking Windermere. James knows this area well. Rachel is amazed at how spectacular it is. He unpacks a bottle of Champagne. Whilst Rachel stares at the views he also unpacks a ring box. When Rachel turns around James in down on one knee. Rachel can't breathe.

James tells Rachel how she makes him feel. He tells her how special she is. He opens the lid to the ring box. The sunlight catches the diamond and a rainbow of light radiates at Rachel. She gasps. James takes the ring and places it on Rachel's finger. It fits perfectly. Rachel cries. James cries. 

Over dinner James explains why the ring Rachel can't take her eyes off is so special. He talks confidently about the diamond and how he helped design aspects of the ring. Rachel is blown away. She can't wait to show her unique diamond ring to her mum and friends. She feels like a princess. James truly is her hero. She can't help but love James even more.  


James and Rachel have become raving fans of Chris. Many of their friends have become Chris's clients. They have since commissioned a unique pair of matching wedding rings. James secretly asked Chris to create a diamond pendant to present to Rachel on their wedding day. 

Buying mass produced, over priced and uninspiring jewellery is not something James and Rachel will ever do. They have experienced a better way.

Beautiful jewellery perfectly reflects the person wearing it. Treasured jewellery has the love and emotion of another contained within it. A unique piece of jewellery created just for you will always be the most beautiful and treasured. 

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