The Brillianteer - 14th Septmber

The centre of this piece is a 20.02ct fancy vivid blue diamond. This is madness. The diamond alone would be worth £50m. Graff then decides to create a brooch with it. A piece of jewellery virtually nobody wears anymore. He surrounds the blue with another 1304 diamonds, totalling over 100cts.

The Brillianteer - 7th Septmber

Rolex Daytona - 116500LN - I know, I can hear the doubters already grumbling. The fact is this watch needs to be in any serious collection. This is a seriously good-looking watch and beautifully engineered. I know dull and ugly men who have bought this watch and become international sex symbols.

The Brillianteer - 31st August 2018

What we did have, however, was red wine. Industrial amounts of the local nectar. I know nothing about red wine, so you can forget fancy descriptions about aroma of coffee, medium-oaked or flavours of egg and mushroom. It all tastes the same to me. Or it certainly does after the third bottle.