Emmie set with Ruby.jpg

When Importance of Ruby

Our client came in to see us to enquire about engagement rings, but he had a dilemma: He wanted to buy his girlfriend a diamond engagement ring, but she had always mentioned the fact that she loved rubies and if he were ever to propose, then she wanted a ruby.

After a bit more investigation, it transpired that their daughter was called Ruby and so it was a very important emotive reason for wanting to incorporate a ruby in the engagement design.

We showed our client a number of design ideas and he instantly fell in love with our Emmie design; a pretty and traditional engagement design featuring an unusual open 4-claw setting that is set with a small accent diamond on each side of the under-bezel. Victoria suggested that instead of diamonds, the two accent gemstones could be rubies and that was it...decision made and ring created and presented to him just a few weeks later.

I am told there were tears when he proposed and more tears when she noticed the rubies set beneath the main diamond.

All together now..... "Ahhhhhhh!"