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Everything you need to know about Jewellery and Watch valuations

The Dos and Don’ts of jewellery Valuations

Confused by all the jargon and not sure what you actually need? Here are my Dos and Don’ts to help steer you through the often confusing world of jewellery and watch insurance and valuations

Are you at risk of being over-insured?


Most people understand that there are risks to being under-insured, but did you know you could also be over-insured? Read about one lady’s claim story…..

Why You need to read the small print

small print re-sized.jpg

It is happening more and more… we do everything right, yet when it comes to claiming we are up against it. Here’s what you need to know.

Are You Making This Common Mistake?

I am asked to help in a lot of claims and I see the mistakes people make when it comes to insuring their valuables. Are you making the same mistake?

5 Common reasons for Engagement Ring Claims

Find out the 5 most common reasons for engagement ring insurance claims and how you can try and avoid them…

buying abroad - the insurance pitfalls

The temptation of buying jewellery and watches abroad is alive and well. But, what about when it comes to your insurance and making a claim? What do you need to know?

what type of valuation do you need?


There are a lot of different types of formal jewellery and watch valuations. It can be confusing, so how do you decide which type you need?

The Great Rolex Watch Insurance Scam

If you own a Rolex watch and you pay for an insurance policy to cover it in case of loss or damage - make sure you read this and check your policy!

Why Insuring your Engagement Ring Is Important

You’ve just got engaged and the last thing you’re thinking about is the boring paperwork! Here’s why actually it should be something you think about and fast…

Why You need A Valuation


Do you want to receive the correct pay-out in the event of a claim? Do you have proof of ownership in case of a claim? There are so many reasons why we all should ensure we have up to date valuations.

Why Do Valuations Usually Take So long?

Many Jewellers will quote at least a week, sometimes several weeks for a completed insurance valuation. Here, I share with you the reasons why…

Jewellery Valuations - The Proof You Need

The internet is awash with stories about failed insurance claims all because of insufficient evidence of ownership. Here’s what you need to know….

What To Expect At Your Jewellery Valuation

Not sure what happens in a professional jewellery valuation? Here we take you through the process, step by step so you know exactly what to expect…