antique diamond earrings


They are rare occasions when I open a jewellery box and I find something exceptional. Jewellery that takes my breath away.

This was the case this week when I saw these incredible Tiffany Diamond Earrings.

Original Tiffany, the earrings are dated to the mid-1920’s. Collectors always love the fact they have their original Tiffany box. These were the days when Tiffany were located on Regent Street, London.

As with all important gems, there is a story behind them.

They were bequeathed to a client. She has never worn them. Unlike her Grandma, who she remembers wearing them frequently. The old lady was a member of the upper class. She lived in an age of black tie dances and elite social events. She apparently used to smoke using an ebony cigarette holder. She was class.

The earrings have been locked away for the last 27 years. My client now feels it is time for them to be enjoyed again, to be admired, to be loved.

The earrings are mounted in platinum. The two large cushion cut diamonds weigh 1.26ct and 1.24ct approximately. The quality of these diamonds is exceptional graded as E Colour and VS1 Clarity. Each earring contains an additional 33 diamonds. The earrings are made for pierced ears and fitted with ‘Shepherd Hook’ style fittings with a security clip fastening.

It is hard to put an insurance value on such rare and collectable items. I can say with confidence that there are many people around the world desperate to own such important earrings. Their value and desirability, given the provenance and collect-ability of the maker, will only increase over time.

The earrings are offered for sale at £13,750. Please contact me direct if you would like to buy, or require more information.