Professional Same-Day Valuation Service for your Jewellery and Watches


What you can Expect

  1. Secure: Our secure office is in central Harrogate with free visitor parking. Your treasured items are assessed on-site and not sent away

  2. Fast: Your jewellery and watches will be available to collect later the same day, along with your completed valuation schedule

  3. Accredited: Your valuation is uploaded on to The Guild of Valuers secure online portal for you to download at anytime

  4. Professional: Your jewellery and watches are cleaned, photographed and assessed. You will receive both a digital and bound schedule of your items.

  5. Value: There is no ambiguity or uncertainty. We do not charge a % fee like other jewellers, instead we charge a simple £65* per item with no hidden charges

    (*The charge is £65 per item for 3 items or more. For valuations for 1 or 2 items the charge is £100 per item)


Where To Find Us



“A truly professional and personal service.” - G Nunn


Did you Know That 80% of people Don’t have the correct Paperwork for Their jewellery and watch insurance?


“Christopher’s valuation service is professional, quick and great value for money. Highly recommended.” - W Cochran


The Important Things You Need To Check:

  • Are all your items of jewellery listed on your valuation document? If you have added to your jewellery collection or inherited a piece of jewellery, ensure you update your insurance policy as well as your valuation documentation.

  • When did you last have your treasured possessions valued? If it is more than 3 years ago, I would advise getting them reviewed and re-valued as soon as possible.

  • Check your insurance policy small print. If in there it states you will receive vouchers or be sent to “preferred jewellers” in the event of a claim, make sure you understand exactly what this means. It could mean the difference between being able to replace a bespoke piece, or a high-end Swiss watch, or not. Search instead for an insurance company that will pay a cash settlement, or allow you to choose where you’d like to shop.


Why You Can Trust Our Jewellery and Watch Valuation Service

- 1 -

SAME-DAY service

We know you don’t want to be without your treasured jewellery or your favourite watch for days, or even weeks.

Our Same-Day Valuation Service ensures you only need to leave your items for a few hours. Register up to ten items and make an appointment at our secure office in Harrogate. Your items will be ready to collect later the same day, along with your completed valuation documentation.

- 2 -

security & convenience

Your jewellery will be assessed and valued on our premises by trusted and qualified experts. This means your items are kept onsite at our secure offices. We are based in a central location in Harrogate, with free onsite visitor parking.

And, if you’re not from Harrogate, what a perfect excuse to leave your items with us while you enjoy a lazy lunch or an afternoon strolling around our beautiful spa town.

- 3 -

experience You can trust

Whether you need a Valuation for Insurance, or a Post Loss Estimate, we will provide the necessary documentation to make any claim or legal process as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

With years of experience of liaising direct with insurance companies, we are also to happy to handle any replacement or repair claim for you, if required.




Not Sure If You Need an Insurance Valuation?

Read our FAQ’s or go to our Valuation Hub to find out more.