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Guaranteeing You Wedding Ring Perfection

Your wedding ring should perfectly complement your engagement ring. It should not detract or distract from it. It shouldn't steal the limelight. It shouldn't contradict in its style.

Instead, your wedding ring should look effortlessly matched, like it was always meant to be sitting right next to your engagement ring. Like it was made to be there and nowhere else.

Perfectly matching wedding ring


7 Top tips to guarantee Your Wedding Ring Looks amazing with your engagement ring



The Band Profile

The key to a perfectly matching engagement and wedding ring is marrying the ring profiles. I always begin a wedding ring design by replicating the profile of the engagement ring. A matching profile is a great way to guarantee a fantastic combination.

Matching wedding rings



The Band Depth

A wedding ring band looks far better when it is the same depth, particularly at the side of your finger. Too shallow, or too deep, and the clean straight line will be ruined leading to a less impressive look.

perfectly matching depth wedding rings


The Band Width

Even if the profile and depth of the wedding band is perfect, choose a ring that is too wide and it will detract from your engagement ring. A matching width, or just slighter wider, makes for a perfect combination.

wedding band width



Additional gemstones in a wedding ring can create a spectacular look. It can also ruin both both rings. Using the same cut of diamonds as in your engagement ring frequently looks superb. Remember though, your engagement ring should be the star - your wedding ring should not take anything away from the main attraction.

top 7 tips for perfect wedding rings


A Shaped Band

Due to their shape, certain engagement rings require a wedding ring to be shaped. It is vital this work is completed by a competent jeweller to ensure a perfect fit. It is always worth trying wedding rings when buying an engagement ring to make sure you like the look.

top 7 tips for perfect wedding rings


Precious Metal

One thing you need to consider is that different precious metals have different properties. A gold ring worn next to a platinum ring may not only look a little out of place, but over time be worn away by the hardness of the platinum. My advice is to create your wedding ring in the same precious metal as your engagement ring.

top 7 tips for perfect wedding rings



The most beautiful wedding rings perfectly complement an engagement ring. Your wedding ring should mirror aspects of your engagement ring design, including Profile, Depth, Width, Gemstones, Shape and Precious Metal. Pairing two totally different designs can look odd. Combining elements of your engagement ring design will complete a beautiful pair of rings.

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About Christopher Stoner

My name is Christopher Stoner and I have been designing and creating bespoke wedding rings for over 25 years.

Throughout those many years, I have helped thousands of clients realise their ideal wedding ring, whether that’s diamond-set, unusually shaped or a simple plain band that must sit snug and exact, next to a fancy engagement ring.

Your options are vast. Working with an expert jeweller will not only mean you get to explore many design options, but ultimately guarantee you a ring you will love to wear for the rest of your life.

It is too important a decision to get it wrong.

Please get in touch, I’d love to help you create your perfect wedding rings.

E: chris@christopherstoner.com

T: 01423 523596

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does having a wedding ring designed and made individually cost more money?

    • No. My design service is free, there is no charge for your initial consultation and for your wedding ring design ideas. I also do not have expensive retail stores or large marketing or sponsorship budgets to cover.

  • How long does it take?

    • The design process itself can take as quick as a few hours, or can take weeks. Every client and every design is different. Once you have decided on your design and you have proceeded your ring, it usually takes between 4 and 8 weeks to complete, depending on the intricacies of your design.

  • Do you need a deposit?

    • Yes. I ask for a 50% deposit with the balance payment once you have received your rings and you’re 100% delighted.

  • What if I don’t like my ring once it’s finished?

    • It has never actually happened and here’s why….. the CAD design I create for you is so detailed that the ring you receive will be exactly like the image you approved. There are never any surprises, other than delight at the real thing being more special than you could ever have believed.

      If, for whatever reason, you are not 100% delighted, my guarantee is that I will make it right for you and do whatever it takes to make you 100% delighted.

  • I don’t live in Yorkshire - Do you need to see me in person?

    • No. I have clients all over the UK and further afield. I am able to guarantee you will be 100% delighted.

  • Do you create Gents wedding rings too?

    • Yes. Some guys want fancy wedding rings. Most want simple bands. I can do both.