What To Expect At Your Jewellery Valuation 

Ever wondered what happens when your jewellery is being valued?

jewellery valuations what to expect

Here is what happens at my same-day valuations:

  1. Your jewellery is examined and obvious signs of wear or damage will be noted on your receipt.

  2. Your jewellery then undergoes a more thorough examination. All settings and fastenings are assessed and any signs of wear and tear or damage are noted in a Condition Report.

  3. If anything exceptional or unusual is found, you are contacted immediately.

  4. Your jewellery is cleaned.*

  5. Your jewellery is photographed.

  6. Each item is weighed.

  7. The dimensions and measurements of each item is calculated and recorded.

  8. If you have supporting documentation for your items, the details are checked against our findings and any discrepancies noted.

  9. All gemstones will be tested and assessed.

  10. All precious metals are tested and assessed.

  11. Your items are then valued for the reason required.

  12. Your insurance schedule is printed, bound, checked, signed and added to the Guild of Valuers Online Secure Database.

  13. You attend your collection appointment and receive your completed insurance documentation and your cleaned items. You will also receive a condition report and any quotes for repair or restoration for any items that require attention.

  14. You will receive a FREE 12-month clean and check up of your items, where all settings, catches and fasteners will be assessed for wear and damage

  15. You will be invited to have your valuation reviewed and updated at preferential rates every 2 years

*Items are cleaned so that gemstones can be assessed and any markings, such as hallmarks and sponsor marks are clear to see. If you do not want your items cleaned, please advise us at the time of appointment. Some items, may be deemed unsuitable for cleaning and we will advise you should we feel this is the case.