adjective - 'A person, thing, or activity of or among the best in the world'

I firmly believe the jewellery I create is world-class. It's a big statement. I am aware of this. So let me tell you why. 

  1. Jewellery is a token to convey a special message, my jewellery will convey everything you want to say

  2. I care, I truly care, I want each piece I create to be more impressive than the last

  3. Each jewellery creation is destined for a specific person, an individual, a loved one

  4. My jewellery is tailored, made to fit perfectly, it is exclusive, unique

  5. I create intimate jewellery for individuals, friends, and friends of friends - you are not a 'customer'

  6. Quality is everything, even if an untrained eye can't see, I can, and I will not compromise on your behalf

  7. Sparkle is everything, I only choose gemstones I would present to my wife

  8. I detest all mass-produced high-street jewellery, especially average diamond engagement rings

  9. I truly believe every girl should know how special it feels to have a piece of jewellery created just for her

  10. The ingredient I add to each piece I create is love. You can't see it or touch it, but it makes each piece ultra special