yellow gold diamond solitaire.jpg

fabulous diamond solitaire in 18ct yellow gold

For many years, yellow gold and rose gold took a back seat. They were seen as the poor man's choice when it came to precious metal. They were regarded by many as the inferior choice to platinum.

Not any more.

Now, my first choice when it comes to engagement rings is always platinum. This is mainly because it is a stronger, more durable metal and as such is perfect for a piece of jewellery that is going to be worn day in, day out for quite possibly a lifetime.

However, sometimes the beauty and warmth of a high quality 18ct yellow or rose gold cannot be beaten. A top quality jeweller, who works with the finest quality gold, combined with careful ownership can mean that gold jewellery is also capable of lasting several lifetimes.

This ring was designed for a client who knew his girlfriend only ever yellow gold. She had her mother's old wedding ring that she worn on her right hand, along with a delicate yellow gold pendant of her grandmother's. Both items that had been lovingly looked after for generations. He knew her engagement ring needed to match in with her other jewellery - jewellery that meant a lot to her.

His was a romantic proposal in Venice.

Of course, she said yes.