1ct diamond ring as designed by Christopher Stoner.


Creators of Unique and Bespoke Jewellery

Christopher Stoner Fine Jewellery create, design, and remodel pieces of the highest quality, to your exacting standards.

Our team of expert jewellers will work with you to ensure you receive unique jewellery made to the highest standards. Whether a commissioned piece, created and designed by us from start to finish, or taking an existing piece of jewellery and remodelling it into something fresh.

Contact the team to discuss your needs, and we can arrange a full consultation, or simply offer advice.

Bespoke Designs and Jewellery Remodelling

By discussing your needs with us, Christopher and the team can create a piece of jewellery that will be every bit as special as you imagined.

Using our years of experience and jewellery expertise, we can create one of a kind jewellery designs, or reshape and remodel existing pieces to create something truly unique.

Browse our gallery to view just a selection of our creations, and see the range of possibilities.

Sketch of art deco style ring.

Get in touch to arrange a private consultation.

Christopher and the team are more than happy to discuss your ideas and needs with you via email, on the phone, or in person.

For the best possible service, we recommend booking a private consultation at our Harrogate showroom.

Complete our contact form  or call on 01423 561 458 and we begin the process right away.

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