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Why My Clients Choose Bespoke

Magical things happen when creating a bespoke piece of jewellery. In every piece I include a special touch, a smidgen of emotion, a unique twist, oodles of love.

Each piece I create conveys a message from one person to another.

You will never find magic or love like this in mass-produced jewellery. It is why amazing food will never be found in a canteen.

I can’t create ordinary or average.

It is why I do what I do.



who is Christopher Stoner?

“A jewellery workshop gets all your senses tingling. I remember visiting my father at work as a child; the smells, sights, sounds .... It was a magical place where beauty rose out of the dirt and dust of the goldsmiths' benches. A place where jewellery dreams came to life.

That magic is why I do what I do. It is why I focus entirely on bespoke jewellery. There is nothing like it.”

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Brilliant cut diamond ring with dia shoulders

An engagement ring is, arguably, the most important purchase of a man’s life. Most men and not sure where to start, what they need to know and how much they actually don’t know.

My skill is to make sure a man present the perfect engagement ring for that one life-changing moment. A ring she will say “YES” to and love for the rest of her life.

Commissioning a unique engagement ring to present to the girl you love is simply the best way of showing her how much she means to you.


What our Clients Say


"I took her hand in mine and placed her new shining star on her finger, the symbol of what she means to me. She tells me it is the most perfect ring she's ever seen. Thanks Chris"

Mr Johnys - Dec 2017


"This time, I wanted something a little bit different, and WOW! What a ring. It is stunning and I love it"

Mrs Beaumont - Aug 2018


"What an amazing transformation you have created to my wife’s Diamond Solitaire ring, the new Platinum ring you have designed and crafted is stunning."

Mr & Mrs Havers, June 2018


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