Birthdays. Engagements. Anniversaries. Births and Deaths. Jewellery is the perfect gift at life's significant milestones.   

My name is Christopher Stoner and I create exclusive and unique jewellery.

Prior to working with me clients tell me they found buying jewellery difficult and stressful. They questioned the quality and uniqueness of mass-produced jewellery. They disliked paying inflated retail prices yet enjoy outstanding personal service. 

You may think having a piece of jewellery created is complicated. It isn't. I have made the process simple, exciting and risk-free. I have designed my service to remove the stress, doubt, high retail prices and questionable quality.

Personal service, attention to detail, uniqueness and value for money remain. As does my guarantee you will be delighted with my work. 

Men buy jewellery to show how much we love the girl in our life. Present a piece of jewellery created just for her, and she may just love you a little bit more. You will definitely become her hero. 

If you'd like to be a hero, please get in touch.