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Chris and Sarah Stoner

Husband and wife team Chris and Sarah design and create individual pieces jewellery for private clients in the UK and abroad. Our personal goal is to always keep improving and make each new piece better than the last.

A typical client is somebody who likes jewellery just that little bit different. Designing and creating each piece individually ensures our jewellery is a bit more special. 

Each piece of jewellery we create is tailored perfectly to our clients taste, style and budget. 

Ours is a very personal service. We are based in Harrogate although we often meet busy clients or people who don't live within travelling distance at convenient places to them, whether that be their place of work, home, even on occasion the odd yacht! 


A Very Attractive Investment

fancy coloured diamonds

Christopher Stoner created the Diamond Concierge to make choosing and buying diamonds, from dealers all over the world, both easier and less expensive.

The Diamond Concierge opens the worldwide diamond market enabling you the opportunity to purchase diamonds at extremely low prices. 

If the idea of including diamonds into your portfolio appeals, the Diamond Concierge, with Chris's guidance and advice, will help you choose and buy the world's very best diamonds. 

Please click the link below or contact Chris on 01423 561458.