Chris Stoner

My name is Christopher Stoner.

I design and create exclusive and unique jewellery.

My goal is to make men feel like heroes by presenting jewellery that makes a girl feel like a princess. 

I typically work with successful men who find jewellery from high street stores overpriced and uninspiring. I have created jewellery for celebrities, Royalty and billionaires. Clients frequently tell me that they trust me to create perfect jewellery for them to present.

I absolutely believe the most beautiful and precious jewellery has been individually created. Unique jewellery will always be more treasured. World-class jewellery is created with superior quality design and materials - things not found in mass-produced jewellery. 

A client once told me me I create 'emotional treasure'. I really like that.

If the excitement of commissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery appeals, please get in touch: