Why Bespoke Jewellery is better

Having a piece of jewellery designed and created is an extra special experience. Far more so than paying a high price for a mass produced piece.

With bespoke, tailor-made jewellery, every detail, feature and measurement is perfect; from design to presentation, the process is exciting and full of anticipation. 

As important as design is ensuring each unique piece is set with the most beautiful diamonds and gemstones. World-class gems make each piece by Christopher Stoner extra special. 

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Christopher Stoner specialises in the creation of spectacular jewellery. Each piece is tailor-made. Each item created to exacting standards. Uncompromising in quality.  

If you would like to discuss having a piece of jewellery created, please get in touch.

'I don't know anybody who creates jewellery in the way Chris does. The whole experience was incredible.' 


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